The removal of toxicity in your life always takes you by surprise. It’s something charming about hidden toxicity, you never really notice it until you feel betrayed by the ones you love the most.

I’ve let go of friends even family members for letting their true colors shine bright behind a hidden agenda. Never once did I honestly regret my decision, it was when I asked God to show me people for who they are that they let their guard down. There’s a relief in shedding dead weight same as releasing those negative burdens.

All of the hurt I’ve come face to face with was to prepare me for what faith had in store for me. Lately everything has been coming to me, signs have been place in my view in the most random ways. It’s when I notice what I’ve asked for is coming to me in the form of an Instagram post or the latest sign was from a childhood friend who I haven’t seen nor spoke to in a very long time. I’ve been interested in learning how to trade for some time but I was in the middle of my transition, she came to me randomly and put me on to something I almost lost sight of.

Beyond the random signs I notice I am reconnecting with the people who I grew up with and would of done anything for. My childhood Best friends, although we have all grown apart in ways, are connecting on a business level now and I couldn’t be any happier. Our success stories are going to be out of this world when we are all seated out back by the pool recording a special for the youth teaching them through our experiences.

Growing apart is apart of the process. I’ve missed my friends as time went on all of us ventured off to different schools and cities. Now seeing the growth in all of us, the struggles we faced apart and the accomplishments we continued to celebrate for one another no matter the distance. I’ve been saying for a long while, our time is coming, I feel it in my spirit and all the signs are justification that my intuition is spot on. I am looking forward to growing wealthy with my friends turned family.

I spend some days simply reflecting on where I am today and the people around me. We’ve come a long way and I cannot wait to showcase my progression while helping others elevate their lives. Toxicity be gone, generational wealth here we come !

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