I’ve told my mother for years I’m going to get her out the hood. All this quarantine has done for me is opened my eyes to new possibilities and that time will be here shortly. No more working for anyone she will be set for life and traveling to ever place she could have ever imagined.

It’s something special about the women in my life. My mother and Glam’ma will be right by my side as soon as this take off. My father will be protecting us along the way and I will assure that generational wealth is instilled in this family.

We’re widely extended in terms of family size. Since a little girl my Dream has always been to take care of mine. Being one of the youngest of the family has always driven me to want more for us all, now having a bunch of little ones I’ve shifted my focus to setting up a better life for them. To teach them the ropes of life, minimize the struggle they have to see and educate them on the importance of drive and self education.

While we accept everyone as family, the Dream gets bigger because any kin of my blood is a kin of mine. So when we eat they always going to eat without a doubt. Most of them may not know it but their kids, parents, cousins and close friends are apart of this plan too. I’m putting them all on, there’s room for us all at the top and there’s no good in being selfish.

There’s a fire in me making this transition all worth it. I asked to release all the burdens placed upon me and to reconnect with my true self. It’s happening before my eyes and I am aware. The time is now and soon watch what I’ll share. It’s going to benefit us all as long as you do your share.

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