What is C750? You asked, it’s the short term goal. The overall goal is to C750 my whole team body and create generational wealth.

It’s crazy how it came to me, it came in abundance. I was ready for it because the idea of Forex already peeked my interest but I couldn’t find help. Well guess what HELP found me.

In the mist of a pandemic turned revolution, the universe showed me the way when I prayed for guidance. When the opportunity presented itself in a message on Snap Chat I was at my day job, stressing over things out of my control. My childhood friend reach out to me not knowing I would be all for it just simply trying to introduce me to the opportunities of Trade House Investment Group. One half an hour call with her and her mentor was all it took for me, before the end of the call I said “I’m sold, sign me up tonight!”.

I know I asked for guidance, I know I prayed for a team, I know I continuously begged to be surrounded by successful individuals. Never did I expect to become apart of a family full of positive passionate BLACK individuals. I’m pulling up to the cookout “COUSINNNNNNN” if you know than you know.

It’s too much motivation going around this family for me to ever slip. I missed some days of posting drowning in all the chaos going on in our nation but I was feeding my brain, changing my mindset and plugging into as many training calls as I can in the mix of all that life is throwing my way. I take my notes, ask my questions and SHOW UP! There is hard work to be done and I’d be damn if I don’t show up with the same energy my family pours into me.

How can I let this opportunity pass? At a small price I’ve gained thousands of family members who will show me the way to C750 and beyond. I already got the Billionaire mindset I really just needed some fuel, I found that with Trade House Investment Group. Watch how I transform if you need proof first, I’m bringing as many driven individuals with me on this journey.

If this comes in the form of a sign for you or if you need to see results first, ASK ME HOW?! I am one with this opportunity and I’m itching to share it with you because the bottom is way too crowded and I’m here to help transform lives.

Ya’ll know my motto “Always remember Dream, Reach, Achieve, Prosper”. Watch how I C750 my Body.

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