Sun rays shining through the curtains, birds chirping and the sound of the garbage truck making their rounds.

Soaking up a minute of sun before making my way out of the bed. Roll over now I’m up, a nice long stretch to get the body activated.

Head to the kitchen to start my ginger tea. It’s something about it’s potent taste that gives me comfort, it’s knowing that ginger tea first thing in the morning does the body great. Cut up some fresh ginger let that boil.

Now to get ready for work, knowing that I have time to spare I gather myself going the extra mile to at least do my eye brows. I’m fully dressed now, ginger tea in hand, it’s time for Morning Motivation where I pour into others daily.

All thanks to ginger tea for flowing through me with ease boosting my energy. I’m ready to conquer this Monday in all aspects of my life, what boosts your day? Mine is simply Ginger Tea.

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