Understand that people are watching you, don’t tense up remember it’s up from here. Let the dependence fuel you, you are one to be duplicated.

You move with class, drive and passion; of course they will look up to you. No pressure though, you have the blue print. Think back to all the skills you’ve acquired over your life time, take what you need and excel.

With life speeding past us we can forget all the knowledge we’ve gained, stop selling yourself short and go back through old notebooks refresh your memory and trust that you’ll find something useful. Take that and run with it, we have a people to lead.

Grab your crown and lets show our people the way. We have it in us, just waiting to activate. I leave you with this: time is precious so utilize yours effectively, knowledge is power so don’t let any go to waste and lastly let your passions lead the way as they will lead with love.

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