I’ve cried so many tears, overcoming so many battles I see that there is more to my message than I thought.

To my sisters who identify with us fatherless children whom Fathers are here in the physical form but absent in their present lives, I speak to you.

For me in particular I sometime look at your pain and it mirrors mine. I think I have it bad but you clearly have it worse than I. I’ve even thought to myself how do I know my father would of been there for me 100%, than I snap out of it and know that I feel his spirit so there is no way he would of been out of wack. Sadly I look at my sisters and don’t know how to impact, them.

How can a man not love these women with all of him? How can he not see that they are super stars in their physical being? How can you lay down with their amazing mothers and leave them hanging? There takes a certain kind of strength to keep pushing when you know your Father is alive and well but absent in your life. There is a special kind of wall built that one cannot break, being vulnerable is not something we can take.

I know Fathers Day was hard for me but I have my imagination to bring me peace. My Sisters have to battle with questions that shouldn’t even be, like Why Me?! What did I ever do to you? How can you not love me? It really breaks my heart because these women are so loving and down to earth. How can one man not love them enough?

There’s no words that can truly heal their hearts but I pray that God shows them clear signs of WHY he choose them for a start, what it is that he needs them to notice from these experiences he brought about, how can this actually be beneficial to their lives because we are taught that Fathers are the Man of the house. What about the little girls who go through life without?

To my Sisters, I love you with all of me, we are one in the same with different stories. Understand that I promise to be right by your side every step of this journey. Father or Fatherless we will be GREAT, mark my words Sis, we will all HEAL one day.

And to my brothers who battle with these raging emotions I speak to you too because our pain is universal.

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