Today I came to the realization that I have to enjoy where I am currently but understand that the future I desire is waiting on me to show up. I must love every moment of my life in the now to really see where God is guiding me. Knowing that this road to success will not be an easy one but loving it anyways.

I noticed that my vision became clearer and my being became brighter the moment I silenced the noise in my head. That’s when the message came through from God… No I did not hear a voice nor did I see a man but I felt a wave of energies surround my ears. They did not speak to me but as I took a sip of some ice cold Sprite I felt the hydration awake my inner being. That’s when it hit me like a sack of rocks.

You are too focused on where you want to be but not nurturing enough to the life presented in front of you. Where’s that little girl that took everything that came her way, crushed it and still knew where she was headed in life? Where’s the fighter in you, the one who never backed down or let up? Where’s that brilliant girl who never let anything or anyone distract her from her goals? We need HER to show up.

I couldn’t ignore it, I’m present I’m here! I realized than that I was surrounded by some dark clouds even though I felt elevated I still felt self-doubt, laziness and clouded judgement anchoring down at my ankles. It’s amazing how I cleansed my crystals yesterday and prayed for clear vision and it meet me where I needed it to.

Thinking I know enough to impact the masses. Doing things most of the day that has no value. Cheating myself of education to dwell on why I’m stagnant. In reflecting honestly with myself I know that I was too focused on not moving fast enough instead of watering and nurturing the seed that God planted within me.

Today I’m tapped back in, focused on balance and running my own race. Utilizing my talents to ground me while working on retaining a skill set that will put me ahead in life. Understanding that I have a duty to impact lives beyond creating wealth, some broken others seeking, simple guidance to break out of the fog negatively creeping. I’m back living in the moment, ready to up it, spiritually and physically watch the transformation of the woman I am soon to be.

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