Since I truly sat and talked with you, it’s been a while.

Since I’ve broken down and cried for you, it’s been a while.

Since things been going smooth in my life now here I am, it’s been a while.

Father I apologize for my absence in your legacy run, it’s been quite difficult for me to process it all as it comes. I can’t wrap my head around the messages being sent from you because time slows up for no one and I’m getting lost between the two. My mind and my heart never seem to be on the same page because I’m seeing more of this world for it’s dangerous truths.

I left writing alone for a while, felt as if they didn’t appreciate me but oh was I a fool. I do this here for you so how could I ever think it was for their approval. Well I’m here now, I know it’s been a while. Been processing life as it hits me like a world wind still focused on how good life would of been with you physically in it. I would stop at nothing to get a few living moments with you here on this earth, all the pumped up stories I hear bring me joy but in the same token sadness because it’s something I can’t pull experiences from.

Nonetheless father I am back and I am better than ever, remembering now that the best pieces of me come from pain so truthfully there’d be no gain if it wasn’t for the pain of missing you like I do, it’s been a while but this is a new beginning for us two, Fatherless Friday’s are back in full effect, just some letters that my father would never ever get.

Since I really got in my bag knowing that I can shape the world with my amazing grace, it’s been a while.

Since I’ve put fatherless children on my back in this coping race, it’s been a while.

Since I had to step up to the plate and say it with my chest holding the biggest smile, it’s been a while.

The girl is back, the blog is back, the channel coming next. My fathers legacy is above all else with all due respect. It’s been a while, I know had to put some demons to rest.

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