Where do I find my strength when all else seems to fail? From up above.

When the storm passes strength is found and the pain is washed away temporarily. I learned to look for the signs within the storm in order to not allow the same storm to hinder my growth. I pull from up above, knowing he’s smiling down on me proud of the woman i’ve become.

It occurs at random, I might not grasp it right there and than but I understand the signs being sent. Some days its a random social media post, a billboard I come across on a drive by, in the music I listen to and most times the message seamlessly appears in my thoughts. This is where I find my strength, where do you find yours?

Understanding that all may not realize the beauty in the strength from up above I vowed to provide perspective for others in their journey to heal from the growing pains of that huge missing piece, our father’s. If you just listen a little more closely, give a little bit more, take time to analyze the signs or look at things on the bright side you’ll find some strength to propel you to newer heights where you’re able to effectively cope with the absence.

It’s not an easy road but it’s one worth taking to shift into the mindset needed to build his legacy, that strength will open up gateways of ideas that suits your style of coping, how will you put those ideas to use? The strength will navigate you through, it’s on you to find and embody it first.

Where do I find my strength when all else seems to fail? From up above.

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