We live to die, but are you truly living?

We’ve been programmed to look at death as a bad thing but it’s apart of the way of life as we know it.

We anger over death but do we truly die? What is death? How does it all work?

All we know is that the being is no longer with us in the physical here on earth. There is no true understand of life after death so why do we hurt? It was taught.

Yes of course we miss the times, we long for more encounters but why do we put more pain to our being by hurting internally?

I don’t have the answer but I do know that we all have a choice. I’ve learned to shift my pain to a positive outlook. I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting my father as he was stripped from the earth before I graced the world with my physical presence. There are a lot of questions I have that will never receive an answer. I understand that so I put my focus on finding him within me and learning myself to better connect with him. Stories do some justice but I am the missing piece it’s within that I find out the most about my father.

The hurt doesn’t go away, I just learned how to redirect it to curiosity and look within to connect deeply with him. Do I still experience breakdown, yes but they are short lived because I remember that he is within me and I will not allow the hurt to stump my growth. I’ve come too far to allow pain to take its course in a negative way. It took years of finding ways to express and analyze my emotions but I’ve found what works for me to keep my sanity and feel close to him.

The hard truth is that we don’t know or understand when we will depart or our loved ones for that matter. Ask yourself, will you waste your days in a funk or will you gain control of your emotions and make the best of what you have left on earth in the physical form with or without your loved ones?

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