It all starts within before it can project without.

It starts without before it can develop within.

It flows within before it can seep without.

It stems without before it grows within.

It manages within before it can manage without.

It started without a fathers love before it could be filled by love within the emptiness.

I found him within before I could serve without, for the betterment of others to fill the void of building a legacy so great other fatherless children could relate.

Within, without is where true passion if found.

Searching for direction without when in fact the quest starts from within.

Think about the work needed within and understand you will have to sacrifice to go without.

To overcome any distractions you’ll have to go without the comfort of outside sources rather dig within to find the true keys to inner peace.

Do you understand it now? There’s no one without the other, looking within is always in confluence with one that goes without.

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