Not like a scale more like harmony.

Balance requires understanding of both sides of the spectrum. No one without the other, simply both being able to take their course.

What is balance like for you? For me it’s defining what side I will dedicate my capacity to while understanding that the opposite must make it’s appearance.

It’s choosing good even when bad is the simpler option. It’s being still so my true being can guide me in the right direction in the mist of the wrong occurrences. It’s not fighting the urge but dismissing what doesn’t suit me.

Balance is simple but also complex when it comes to life.

Unpacking my trauma taught me many of life’s lessons that I missed in the moment but now balance is in harmony with my spirit because the baggage is no longer wrapped around my neck.

Harmony brings me peace even when chaos knocks at my front door.

I walk through it with ease knowing that no matter what chaos will come knocking but I don’t have to submit to it. I can just remain still so I don’t miss the message and let the harmony level out the balance of life as I know it.

Not like a scale more like harmony. Balance requires understanding, I suggest you start unpacking.

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