The best part about a puzzle is putting it together.

Not the end result or the rush that overcomes you when you pour all the pieces onto a surface.

It’s the excitement of each piece fitting into the bigger picture one by one.

When you look within yourself, you’ll find the excitement that has been buried under a couple of piece and you’ll discover new excitement as the puzzle begins to come together.

It’s finding what fits, replacing what doesn’t and navigating the set pieces that’s connected.

At the end you see the picture clear as water but you’ll still see the outlines of each piece still.

Finding the inner you is an intentional act of creating your picture piece by piece.

Digging within parts of yourself to uncover what fits who you are meant to be.

Canceling out the noise of others and tuning into that inner voice directing you through the puzzle choice, INNER YOU.

What are the inner pieces to your puzzle, that uncovers you?

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