Let me tell you something about projection, if you’re not swift with your movement it’ll hit, like a ton of bricks crashing down from within.

The projection of others that is.

If you are not grounded in your true self, the fears of others will latch on like a horse and take you for a ride. One that’s out of your control no matter how much you try and direct it. You may slip, you may even fall, if you are not careful of which stallion you pick to direct you in this thing called life.

The projection of others that is.

Will direct you into the fire of defeat with their limited beliefs. They will drown you in the canal if you don’t stand on your own two feet. They will whisk you away like a bird flying with one wing. No direction just eager to catch some flight while you keep landing in the same spot stressed out about life.

The projection of others that is.

Will drive you up a wall if you’re not careful to avoid what is. It’s not intentional but the power of projection can kill. Kill your dreams, determination, even kill your joy if you let it. Be wary of others projection of shit because if you let it, it’ll stick. You are in control and must duck all the smoke, as they fire round after round.

The projection of others that is.

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