On the way up, I’ve hit my peak.

Face to face with emptiness, now let’s decrease.

Hard road down but I land on my feet, pouncing back up to the climax within me.

Than it hits me, my father still hasn’t arrived, in my dreams nor my visions, let’s shift gears.

It’s a slippery slope along the hypotenuse, stuck in my feelings adjacent to my drive opposite my vision and I can’t find the reasons why.

Now I’m thinking clearer, heading up again, working to patch up what I’ve began.

Because my mother lifts me back up, she’s my fuel and she barely knows it, I work with her in my vision. Sitting pool side with a mimosa in a residency I’ve created, traveling the world seeing different places.

To nurture my family as they did me and praise my father’s up in the sky’s.

Giving all of me to the aching pain cooped up inside, to show the world how magnificent DRAP contributions manifested.

It’s a bumpy road but I’ll see to it that US Fatherless children note it in our double consciousness that HE is within and from the Earth Star under our feet up to the Divine Gateway way beyond our reach; our Purpose is fulfilled before we FLATLINE it’s my duty to TEACH.

Dream Reach Achieve Prosper, that’s what I preach to every last soul my story greets.

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