One foot in, reflecting on the past year. Full of lessons mixed with a rollercoaster of emotions but I made it through.

Before I exit, let’s breath it all in. No matter the struggle no matter the heart ache, there’s always something to be learned. I’ve grown, succeeded and more importantly survived.

As I take the next step, I release all burdens, toxicity and resentment. Going in with a clear mind and positive spirits.

Deep breath in, negativity out. The clock strikes Twelve and I’m free about, any thing that hindered me once before, all negative thoughts within me, lastly my own doubt is cleansed away as I meditate in a bath while the ball slowly declines.

Ready to conquer a new decade with all of me. Focused on my vision, executing my dreams with one thing in mind; Success for the business I POSSESS. DRAP Social to be exact, I have so much in store, it’s time for me to show the world.

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