Just yesterday I was discouraged, today I’m reprogrammed. I’m ready to actually take those risks and ditch those expectations.

For most of my life, I worried about making sure I’m able to get my mother out the hood. I worried that she wouldn’t approve of some of the risks I wanted to take. I worried weather my next move would reflect my family badly. I worried a lot but all that did was place me in a box, not because of anyone else just off of my paranoid inner thoughts. Today I am reprogrammed.

I’ve always had it in me, the drive, desire and determination but I also had the worries and what if’s. Today I write to express that whatever it is that you’re dealing with, don’t let it stop you from being your happiest self. Let go of all those worries and focus on what brings YOU joy, YOU alone, don’t think twice what others will think or how they will look at you. What makes you happy may make the next person cringe.

I will be pulling away from my day job to refocus on my businesses, which actually brings me joy. Working for others is cool but when you have big dreams of your own it’s hard to help push someone else’s while not having the time to focus on your own. I want to share the real, I write daily, most times in the moment to share my true emotions and experiences. A lot of this ties back to being fatherless, wondering day in and day out if things would have been different if my father was alive. I know it would of been, I know I would of had a KING, I know I would of had a protector but I also know I would still go through ups and downs. It’s apart of life.

I live for my father, hence the reason I check myself anytime I get discouraged or rejected. That comes with the territory here on earth, I am daily reprogramming my thought process, the way I handle situations and my overall mentality. I am meant to go through these motions in order to fulfill my purpose here on earth, one day I’ll help other reprogram their lives and overcome the challenges placed before them.

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