From time to time I get discouraged, I expect to receive more support, I expect people to really feel me and my message, I expect more from my passion. What I fail to realize is I write from pain and I intend to help people in the process but this doesn’t mean ima reach people every time.

I let the day get away from me yesterday and felt down and discouraged, skipping a blog day. Only to notice I broke my promise to myself, I vowed to post everyday of this year, lack of support can do that to you. I’m woke and rejuvenated now, I don’t need support to express my journey as a fatherless child who works to make it here on Earth.

I say this all to say: I owe myself a double post day, I’m not perfect. For those of you who silently keep up and are moved by my words, I owe it to you, two post one day, with an underlining message. Never give up, never lose hope, if this is your calling who cares if the majority doesn’t support your cause, check yourself when you’re looking for validation because your opinion is the only one that matters.

Day 67 didn’t go to waste though, I sought out some ideas for this next venture I soon embark on, aiming to brighten up days and help others SHINE. I have something special in the works, even in the face of discouragement I find a way to focus on what actually matters to me. Making sure I leave something behind for the little ones, assuring I set a positive example for them all.

I’ll be back tonight to give ya something more. Discouraged and all, I make it happen.

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