It’s like getting a splinter, you can’t seem to get it out.

More like a stab in the back, how do you come back from that?

Better yet a dodge ball going 50mph landing smack center in your face, you’re liable to lose a tooth.

Similar to a nightmare, that you can’t seem to out run, you’re popping up out your sleep frantic.

The aching pains of being fatherless are limitless, they are powerful, soul grasping, undeniable and just sad. But it’s up to YOU to find peace in it all, remember him if you’ve had the opportunity to meet him. Me on the other hand I imagine, I wonder and I paint the picture myself.

I feel him within me so I go off my intuition. I get the similarities so I build off of those. I notice where me and my mother disconnect and know that must be a gene of my fathers, my love for art, math and the game of ball, that’s my father within me but my nurturing, forgiving and independent traits I have to give props to my mother.

Using what I have to go off of, I rather focus on the positive and build his legacy from the ground up. Most art work is done out of pain, legacy’s are build on create forms of expressions and I knew than like I know now, I am here to change the narrative a bit.

We’re no longer sulking in pain we are reinventing it through freedom of expression, we are painting our own portraits and we are aware that WE control our outcomes.

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