This show has got me in a daze, human existence going through a maze of worlds and life as is, in different territories. I’m up till about 4am during this quarantine watching ‘The 100’ it’s a multi-grasping series of events; can easily take my attention off of what’s best.

Get my rest in now it’s right before noon. I get up see the bright light of the sun coming through. I stretch and grab some coffee to start my day. A granola bar on the side to add some substance to a great day. Grab my course material and get to work for a few hours, simply learning how to be an effective learner, how to organize my knowledge. There are goals to be met and special desires I want to achieve, with self learning, time and dedication I can achieve the basics. It’ll takes to know the ins and outs of these blazing desires.

I come to learn that lazy days may be my way. In a cozy setting relaxing nature but ready to learn. Early mornings are best for me as the sun shines and the bird chirp my brain is ready to learn. I’m dissecting brainstorms and implementing organized structures to achieve the overall goal. I know now that organization is everything and assuring I cut out the blocks of study time is essential.

It all was scattered once before, I couldn’t grasp all the ideas bouncing off the wall. It’s called finding structure to categorize it all, write out expectations, follow them and be an active learner through it all. I’m paying small prices to assure I can succeed, focused on the time I need to self-educate in honor of the dreams I’ve sought out. Lazy days call for reflection and reviews of the task at hand, zoned in on the goals you set out to accomplish within the small timeframe that you create.

I found it in me to appreciate lazy days, not stress over all that I’m not getting done rather only on completing today’s plan. Now that it’s all organized I am able to put an ease to my anxiety. I got this covered watch how I rock my dreams, how are you making use of your lazy days?

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