Spent half of my day self-educating. Work is to be done each day I am blessed to grace the planet Earth. Learning new tools to successfully complete online course work and skills intended to organize and structure my daily routines. This is not ideal for Easter Sunday but I’m proud that I stuck to my schedule.

In celebration of the resurrection of Christ, I focused on the one thing my ancestors were deprived of, an education. I speak loud about my belief in God but I’m not too sure about the structuring of the testaments. It’s always been hard for me to grasp but my family raised us to believe in a God, we weren’t in the church every Sunday or at bible study weekly but we believe. I am older now and can choose to learn the word from the book itself. Only issue I have is fully trusting the word as it isn’t written directly by christ himself. I know I’m jumping over technicalities it just never sat well with me. I know that my connection to a higher power is all that is needed for myself. I believe in a universal auric frequency that’ll connect me directly to my beliefs and an intuition that won’t steer me wrong, it’s something about the verses that my mind battles with.

Just as Christ, my ancestors died for me to beat odds they were up against. So I use this day to self-educate and celebrate life in the now. We all have different, some similar views, I just thought I’d share mine with you on this unusual quarantined Easter Sunday.

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