I’m jaded with life as is, searching for ways to fill my creative desires.

Too much of my attention needed, I’m stuck in a dilemma between their needs verses mine. My mind full of ideas that I can’t seem to flesh out, too many distractions tugging from all angles.

It goes: teacher, lawyer, doctor, actor, radio personality, counselor, manager, to life coach. Those are a few of the professions my heart desires as far back as I can remember. Each one attached to me in one way or another, the skills I’ve picked up over time will set me up to succeed in this life time. A piece of each glows within me as I stand today, from my way with children to the great debater I’ve grown to become to my interest in aromatherapy to my short role in a web series to college radio to Big Sister Little Sister group’s to basically managing my brothers.

I’ve touched the tasks of each profession I’ve lived to desire and with creativity I will be able to put it all to use feeding my creative desires. Beyond those professions ART is my life, all forms of it bring my spirit so much joy that everything I consider doing has to hold some art substance. Though each are separate careers, I intend to live my life on the edge of a mixture of it all, my desire for each too strong to pick just one.

The way I see it, I am destine to fulfill every last desire I have. It becomes clearer as I am more attentive to these burning desires that I know the feelings of succeeding in each field was set out for me all along.

Take some time to think of all that you desire, than notice how you already possess some skills needed to fulfill those desires. Now keep going !

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