The city that never sleep, welcome to NYC. Where our city is lit up at night and streets are busy by day. As of lately the city is quiet as ever before, people attempting to get a breath of fresh air through their masks and mouth covers. This is what we’ve become.

Beyond that, Mass Transit is how most of New Yorkers get around, rat infested but the easiest way to get around. You haven’t experienced MTA unless you’ve seen:

A couple of bums, some asking for money others stinking up the whole cart to where you standing as close as you can to the door so you can run to the next cart soon as the train pull in the station. They label it some sort of crime these days but ain’t nothing like hearing “ITS SHOWTIME”. You’re either like me where you turn your music up but peep out the side of your eye at the entertainment of dancers, musicians overall creators, I even know a few personally. You have to keep cash for those long train rides where you need a snack and God answers your prayers when you see a guy get on the train about six boxes tapped together with the tops cut off, oh what a sweet sound “Welches fruit snacks two for $1”. If your on them number trains be prepared for the carefree riders who will let you hear their phone conversation cursing someone out or even better kids cursing up a storm loud as ever, just being. The list goes on and on and on.

Covid-19 done switched the narrative. All you here is “these trains are for essential workers” coming through the platform speakers. Majority of riders masked up, some have gloves others hold the poles with napkins. If MTA was a sight to see before, these days it’s unbelievable. They ask that you honor social distancing but trains coming every 20 – 30 minutes inconveniencing us all into being far closer to one another than we expect to be. I seen the wickedest things this Corona season. I saw three young girls no older than 17 rolling up weed on the train, no mask no gloves just out in the open rolling up some marijuana. It took me away because they had to be from the Bronx. Just the other day a guy was sitting with his mask under his chin literally chewing on his finger, it seems like he was trying to get a piece of skin off, when he was done he put the mask back over his mouth and nose than he cracked open a beer. I was taken back but hey welcome to New York. He finished the beer within two train stops and the train wasn’t going express. He starting spitting on the floor in front of him in between gulps, takes a bit at that finger again one last spit than puts his mask back on. The craziest part about it is, he got off on my stop.

Jesus take the wheel as New York is a unique city to see you get the most of all world when you come to my city. That Mass Transit experience alone would have you second guessing the nature of your neighbors around you. Hence the reason everyone always seems so uptight, it’s ME I’m everyone you hate to love NYC there’s not a thing you don’t see or experience here. Welcome to New York, where we all supposed to stay quarantined but the ice cream truck still singing it’s tune and them young boys still outside saying “pass me the hookah!”

That’s in a nutshell, Welcome to New York.

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