Round Up

Gather them all, round them up. It’s time to build up your catalog. I mean dig deep, sort through old emails, notebooks and all those projects you had to turn in. We rounding everything up, sometimes you just need to see all the work you’ve put in throughout the years to get that boost of … Continue reading Round Up

Gas Up

The order in which life goes is a living mystery. Begin searching for the good in the order and you’ll soon understand why you were meant to go through so much before the blessings come along. Time to gas up. When you feel unconnected make it your business to get connected again. My idea of … Continue reading Gas Up

May 2nd

My mother birthed a King, my oldest brother. Three years into life and he already has responsibility, to protect me of course. Growing up I always felt I was here to do the protecting. He knows I can hold my own because I have always been strong. He let me learn on my own and … Continue reading May 2nd

Pluto Wave

Like a pot of gold, I’m met at the end of the rainbow by a Pluto retrograde wave. Overcome by familiar spirits blessed with a familiar sound connected in astrology. I’ve noticed I am moved by all things creative and a mixture of music intertwined with the wonders of entertainment. When I escape my realities … Continue reading Pluto Wave