From time to time you must seek peace, leaving all the hectic antics outside. You must ground yourself in purity and focus on the things you can control. Lastly you must be soulful and show gratitude. On this #SoulfulSunday I let time pass me by and just enjoy what is. I visualize the life I … Continue reading Unwind

Risk Factor

We take risks every single day of our lives, why not take risks on your dreams, desires or passions? We put our lives in the hands of others daily from taking cabs, public transportation, ordering food and the list goes on. Why can’t we simple go for the things we want the most? It’s fear, … Continue reading Risk Factor

The Idea

The idea of marriage was always a blur for me. It seemed a bit much for me, at least the little knowledge I had of it. I never wanted a sweet 16 either, now I see this may be connected to the absence of my father. No father daughter dance, I would never commit to … Continue reading The Idea

The Signs

The signs are everything but overwhelming, they are motivation, they are fuel to my passion, they uplift me and most of all they open my eyes to the endless possibilities available to me. From finally having no cap on investing in myself to new music feeding my soul for spiritual growth to an expansion in … Continue reading The Signs