Black, Creative, Empowering

We come together to celebrate, life as well as the arts in Atlanta Georgia.

Growing, Glowing, Motivating

We come together to network through writing, creating and workshops.

Books, Films, Publishing

The African Americans On the Move Book Club, bringing creatives together from all over, expanding and promoting literacy when we need it most.

Self-Education, Community Building, Setting Examples

All are important to us; creating traditions, gathering brothers and sisters. I want to personally THANK Tamika Newhouse for providing opportunities, inspiration and a weekend full of Black Excellence.

Black, Creative, Empowering, Growing, Glowing, Motivating, Books, Film, Publishing, Self-Education, Community Building and Setting Examples. We are all apart of the journey, are you prepared to create history at #BlackWritersWeekend ?

Dashana M. Robinson-Vailes

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