A person who performs duties for others.

I’ve always had an itch for providing and nurturing others. I’ve always had this fierceness that my voice will ring loud for myself and others. I’ve always had this grounded personality that no one can get over on me. My wisdom, my drive and my compassion for others is what set me apart.

Down the road I let negativity seep it’s way into my being, I stopped speaking up perhaps my throat chakra has been blocked. I knew the power of my voice and the passion that backed it could stun a room, I could leave you stuck in what you thought to be the truth. I could pull your cards faster than the lie slipped off your tongue and I could fill the room with energy so powerful you’d think I was beyond my age.

I was born with a purpose to fulfill and so were you. I knew at a very young age that I had some serving to do. I had to lead the pack because my voice simply did that. When I speak, I intend to be heard by at least one who’s wise enough to listen. My work ethic speaks for itself, my creativity and passion combined, you’ll have a masterpiece before your eyes.

Life began to get harder as I lost my voice, partially losing my purpose. I had to reflect and see where all the lessons where flowing, from a place of silence, fear and most of all exhaustion. How could I continue to speak and overextend myself for a world who won’t listen?

I had to wake up and realize my light isn’t meant for everyone. It’s for those who deal with the loss of a father, better yet a parent. For those who struggle to speak up for themselves and the ones who get overwhelmed. My voice is for those I see good in but are facing life’s worse end, to uplift and shift their mindset and add reassurance that they too are on this earth for a purpose.

There’s so much more growth to be done within, I must focus on personal development so I can show up as my true self, ready to conquer the world and for my voice to be heard. I have to fall in love with who I once was and the person I know I am soon to be, meet them in their prime and conjoin them as a tribe so I can shine brighter than any star, bring in heat like the sun and brighten up dark rooms like the moon.

I now understand that my purpose as a servant leader is more important than this place of self-doubt and not nurturing this beautiful seed God planted me to be. I’m convinced I was sent as the goddess of voice, to speak loud and with pride, lead with love and to transform lives.

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